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"I think that was the best massage I've ever had in my life." -Lisa


My personal thoughts

"Very good job. Feel great! Worth every penny. I would recommend Tom to anyone seeking advice or a massage. -Alex

Excellent and specific pressure

"Tom did a great job. His hands have eyes, and he can read muscle tissue like a familiar book. He did a great job of "reading" the adhesions in my quads and melting them. I felt better able to move and breath after my session, and had a big reduction in pain."


"You've got it figured out."  -David


"Great loosening up the left calf and you were on point with the source of the pain on the left foot with plantar fasciitis. The back felt glorious - really tight and tense there. Thanks!"  -Amanda


"Thank you so much for loosening my extremely tight legs. They feel ready for the big day! Thanks!"  -Merritt


"Awesome massage!!!! I feel much better, it is like my head opened/ is clearer. Thanks for taking care of the problematic neck without hurting. I feel great to start the day and taller. Thanks!"  -Carla


"Tom is excellent. I have had massages with him for several years and have recommended to friends and family. He knows how to find and treat the pain in back, legs, and neck like no one else."  -Brigitte


"Massage was great. I like how you tried to get to the root of tightness and help explain to me how to correct things to minimize pain."



"Very relaxing, perfect amount of pressure. I liked the concentration on my neck and shoulders. I feel it helped a lot with little to no pain endured."  -Sarah


"Great massage. Just what my legs needed!"  -Brad


"Thanks for letting me talk out what I thought was wrong and what were my problem areas and a bigger thanks for finding the true ones. Cheers."  -Nina


"Wow!! I feel amazing! Thank you for the wonderful massage and the great running tips."  -Jamie


"Feeling good and ready to run Boston!"  -Christine


"You're a genius!"  -Ron


"Excellent, as always"
"I'm currently dealing with a specific issue with my IT band resulting in knee pain. Tom made a careful examination of the area and then worked on the various components, with noticeable results. It really enhanced what I've been able to do on my own. Thanks, Tom, see you in a week for follow-up." -J.A.


"I have been working with Tom since a minor running injury a few months ago. As a massage therapist, he's been terrific - aches, pains, knots, etc., he makes them disappear. I also work with Tom as a running coach. We've been working together since March on improving all aspects of my running, and with his focused training, I've achieved 4 PR's, something I know I wouldn't have accomplished without him. He's focused and serious and knows his stuff. Plus, he's a great guy!" -Ron


Extremely skilled clinician
"Tom is an excellent massage clinician. He has been able to work out areas of chronic dysfunction in my soft tissue that has not responded to other modalities. As a professional acupuncturist and yoga instructor, I highly recommend Tom to athletes, yoga practitioners, or anyone, for that matter, looking to optimize the health of their myo-fascial body!" -Josh

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