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Endurance Coach

Whether as a massage therapist or as a coach, my philosophy is the same: To improve your ability to perform and improve your performance. And to educate you to become more self-aware, self-caring, and self-coaching. With this in mind, and belief, you have the skills to be self-sufficient for a period of time. 

Are you looking for your first coach? Or your next coach? I am a USATF Level 1 and Cross Country Certified Coach. I have been running, training, and racing for over 40 years. I have dealt with my own injuries and the injuries of my athletes; those same athletes have run Boston Qualifiers and personal bests. And I am a husband figuring out how to balance running with life. 

It was massage that gave me the teaching skills needed for me to be able to coach. I have always wanted to coach and finally realized that dream a few years ago.


Are you not sure if an athlete/coach relationship is right for you?

Do you need help setting goals?

Do your goals seem too big? 

Do you change effort for each run?

Do you have competing demands?

Do you do the same run every day or week?

Do you integrate any strength training?

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