• Tom Church

While We've Been Away

Excuse my absence. I was caught up with summer vacation and a group training (trail running) plan (I still am). I know I have been doing a number of posts on running recently, but what can I say, I love it. I am finally back out there exercising, getting in some mountain biking and running and feeling so much better for it. It's amazing what a lack of exercise can do to the mind. I think my wife is appreciating it also.

Last month we spent some time in Colorado including a niece's wedding and visiting three National Parks - Black Canyon (beautiful!), Mesa Verde (amazing!), and Great Sand Dunes (so cool!). Over 1200 miles on the rental car and worth every mile in scenery.

The training group is through a business I coach for call Educated Running and we are gearing up for the Trail Animals Fall Classic Trail Half Marathon. If you want to see what this is all about, here is the link . I am putting out a weekly training plan, video, and newsletter to help the group of runners race a great half marathon.

For those of you dealing with foot pain, here is a piece I came across from a PT I met a while back located in the Northwest. I have talked to some of you about plantar fasciitis not always being that. Well, here is some better detail on what a person with foot pain may be dealing with.

I hope you've been having a great summer also!


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