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Client Lesson #1

Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

I often get asked by my massage clients if they should be stretching. The answer is most definitley probably. If it doesn't hurt, go for it! Then the lesson starts.

There are two types of stretching that one can typically do, dynamic stretching and static stretching.

Dynamic stretches include leg swings, walking lunges, pulling knees to the chest, and arm swings. These are used for warming up the muscles such as at the beginning of the day or before exercise. Do each movement continuously for 20-30 seconds for each side of the body.

Static Stretches are just what the name says. They are held for 20-30 seconds in a stationary position then repeated 2x. They are done after exercise or at the end of the day to reinforce the good things we have done or recover from the bad things we have done.

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