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That's Some Cast of Characters' Names

As some of you know, I have been dealing with an Achilles injury, tendonitis to be exact. Wounded by a turnstile bar last June. After some self care, PT, and homework I finally took an attempt at a slow jog to test it out. Good news, I did 2 bouts of three minutes with no noticeable discomfort afterward. The first bout was a little wonkie with the second one feeling good.

I want to introduce you to some characters that will be showing up in my blog in the future. The one I have known the longest is a writer by the name of T. Redd Miller. Yes, that's his pen name. An avid runner and all around good guy, though maybe a little dense. He prefers to do interviews, so if you know anyone up to answering a few good questions, I recommend him.

Another old friend is Tomas Iglesias. He is originally from Belize and ran on their Olympic Ultramarathon Team in 2004. Warning, his humor is a little dry. I will resurrect a couple of interviews he did with T. Redd and see if he wants to update us on his present life.

Another regular guest will be Ma Sage. She will be giving humorous snippets from her life as a massage therapist. We will learn more about her in the coming weeks starting with an interview by T. Redd Miller.

Subscribe to the blog so you don't miss any of the stories. Next week is a song by Ma Sage.

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