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After more than 20 years as a massage therapist, I am still growing my skills and knowledge. My whole career has been focused on athletes of all levels from the beginner to the Olympian. The techniques I have learned now only matter in that they are part of the toolbox I open at the beginning of the session and are used as the need arrives. 


I have always grounded my sessions in understanding the context of what brings you in for treatments; knowing that we don’t actually heal your aches, pains, and injuries, but help you to heal; and continuing to stay up to date on sports science and therapy knowledge.


As a sports massage therapist, I am a team member of the NSAF Sports Medicine Team, have worked many events including the USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships with the medical team, Boston Marathon, the Blackburn Challenge (rowing and paddling), the team therapist for Harvard Swimming and Diving, Harvard Squash, Harvard Softball, Harvard Water Polo, and Boston College Track & Field and Cross Country. I still work with Ivy League teams at the Ivy League Swimming and Diving Championships. And I am the lead therapist for the New England Masters Swimming Championships.


I have a background as a runner having started as a 10 year old with track and the roads, moving to cross country in college, then adding the trails after college. I am now mostly retired with dreams of finding time in my schedule to train seriously again. Maybe in retirement.


When Tom isn’t helping you be the best you can be, he can be found learning, reading, spending time with his wife, dog and cats, on the trails, and enjoying a new beer and a nice meal.

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