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and Other Illnesses

Because of COVID, and as a precaution with any other contagious disease, Physiotivity is taking steps to keep all of us safe. 


At the beginning of each appointment, I will be asking you if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms:

Loss of smell

Sore throat

New cough

Altered or lost sense of taste


Muscle aches

Difficulty getting enough air

New fatigue

New headache

New nasal congestion or new runny nose

Nausea or vomiting




I understand that becoming sick is usually sudden and unexpected. For that reason, if you contact me at any time prior to your appointment to cancel because you are feeling sick (including colds, etc.), there will not be a cancellation fee. 


Other cancellation reasons require 24 hour notice or a cancellation fee of the full amount will be charged.


A clean mask will be required to be worn during the appointment regardless of vaccine status.

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