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Field Tests are conducted at your practice site, hence the name. A Field Test session has three parts.


Part One is an assessment of your mobility through joints relative to your sport or movement activity. That will be followed with a stability assessment of your lower extremities and hips (upper extremities and shoulders if required).


Part Two is a form analysis. I will video record you doing your activity from different angles. We will then sit down together and go over the video to analyze what we see.


Part Three is soft tissue treatment. This will be based on my findings from Part One and Part Two. I will treat tension specific to our findings followed by reassessment. The reassessment will show progression and determine if more work is needed during the Field Test.


Conclusion Field Test sessions are concluded with verbal and visual cues to help you modify your form and self-massage homework.

After the Field Test, I will send you a written assessment, the recorded videos, and homework for added improvements.


Field Test sessions are held at your preferred practice site.


Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes.


$200 flat fee. Call to schedule.


I am happy to travel outside of the Boston Metro area if a minimum of 4 people are scheduled.

Performance Therapy

Do you have more time available for me to work on rehabbing you or to keep you healthy? With Performance Therapy, I come to you at your practice site and work with you and your coach. 

What that means is that I am one part of a triadic relationship with a coach and her/his athlete(s). 

In this role I am an additional set of eyes to the coach, observing movement and looking for anything out of the athlete’s normal movement patterns. 

I am a coach giving verbal cues for the athlete to use to try and make corrections in their movement. 

I am a therapist listening to what the coach sees and the athlete feels to make quick musculoskeletal adjustments to any areas of fascial or muscular tension restricting movement. 

And I am a therapist working with injured athletes and sports medicine to bring them back to performance faster. 


As a Performance Therapist, I work with the coach and athlete(s) on a daily basis or whenever the coach and athlete meet. For this reason, fees will vary depending on how frequently we meet and how many athletes are in the group. Contact me to negotiate an appropriate fee.


Gait Analysis with Flexibility and Mobility Assessment

Are you dealing with chronic pain or injuries that holding back your running? Or are you just curious about what your form looks like? I now do a gait analysis including a flexibility and mobility assessment, self-care and referrals to any therapies that could be helpful to getting your training back on track. 

Sessions will last about an hour. You can meet me at the Tracksmith Trackhouse in Boston or contact me to meet elsewhere in the Boston area.



Additional benefits of hiring Physiotivity

You can receive more than weekly workouts from Physiotivity.

Tom's skills include:                                                                   

Training, race, and event tactics.                                                      


Recovery methods.                                                                        

Sports nutrition.                                                                           

Proper footwear and clothing.                                                  

Training route planning.



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