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Tying Shoelaces

I have just transitioned to doing gait analysis for Wellness in Motion Boston at the Tracksmith Trackhouse in Boston. I am available on Monday mornings and all day Thursdays. 

I will be doing these outside on normal running surfaces instead of the treadmill which most of you are not used to running on. 

See the Performance Therapy page for more on my gait analysis sessions.

Information does not equal knowledge and knowledge, without experience, does not equal wisdom.

When you get to know me, some things stand out as very important to me. One is all things running, and that what is so great about it is the ability to partake at any age. The other is that I have been affected by cancer through family, friends, and clients. There are two organizations that speak to me and I am involved with that fundraise to help with cancer research (PMC) and help any kid compete in track & field (NSAF). Please show your support for these by clicking on one or both of these logos and make a donatation. That way I don't have to nag you for donations when I see you. 

Free Walk to Run Program
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